4 Things Travelers Need To Know About Yellow Fever Vaccines

International travel can be fun, but your vacation may expose you to more than just new food and new people; it may also expose you to diseases you won't encounter at home, like yellow fever. Fortunately, a vaccine is available for yellow fever, so you don't need to let serious illness ruin your holiday. Here are four things you need to know about the vaccine. What is yellow fever? Yellow fever is a serious mosquito-borne viral disease. Read More 

3 Common Causes of Extremely Painful Periods

As any woman can tell you, the discomfort and cramping that is associated with monthly menstruation can be quite unpleasant. While the majority of women experience some type of discomfort during and leading up to their period, a much smaller amount of women can have extremely heavy bleeding and severe pain that is not indicative of normal menstruation. Several different conditions can cause this type of period, and most of them can be treated by your gynecologist. Read More